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Ordering High Quality Beef Online

Ordering High Quality Beef OnlineHave you ever tasted a burger or steak made with high quality beef? It’s likely that most of your best beef experiences have not been in your own home. However, that can change by upgrading the quality of the meat that you are purchasing for your family.

If you stroll down the aisles of your local grocery store, there is little chance that you will find very many fresh and quality items. The beef that you usually see in the stores has been processed and you often don’t really know where it’s from.

Well, what if the key ingredient for these delicious meals could be found by stepping over to your own freezer?! That amazing burger or perfectly marbled steak would no longer be something that you ate at someone else’s dining table. Premium grass-fed beef is something that you could have on hand at all times, with no need to run to the grocery store.

At Walter Cattle & Nursery, we deliver quality beef right to your front door! Our prices are right, and our grass-fed beef is raised and processed with you in mind. We know how important it is to find meat that we can enjoy by knowing that it was raised naturally and humanely. Our cattle boast the unique combination of being born, raised, and butchered all within the same county, a rare element to be found in the world of beef production. Our Oklahoma ranch is located in a perfect spot that offers both mineral rich grass and fresh, clean water for our cows. They can roam free in their pastures and experience as little stress as possible, so as to produce wholesome and healthy meat for our customers.

You can purchase our high quality beef either by the whole steer or half steer. These large shipments allow for you to fill your freezer with plenty of quality beef at a greater savings than you would find by purchasing a few pounds here and there. We sell our grass-fed beef by the hanging weight and offer many different traditional cuts as well as some nontraditional cuts. Click here to check out the details of all that goes into a whole steer or half steer order. Whether we are shipping your beef just down the road in Oklahoma or many miles away, we can assure you that you are investing in an amazing product that will create many delicious meals in your home! Contact us today to learn more about our premium beef!