3902 NS 385 Calvin, Oklahoma 74531

Walter Cattle & NurseryWalter Cattle & Nursery is a multi-generational family owned and operated cattle outfit located on 1600 acres in Calvin, Oklahoma. The Ranch focuses on producing high quality, grass-fed, grain finished beef. Walter Ranch is a Registered and commercial Angus and Simmental operation. We are blessed to ranch in one of the few places with the perfect combination of mineral rich grasses and fresh, clean water that cattle need to prosper and grow. All Walter beef is raised naturally and humanely with no antibiotics or added hormones.

Walter beef is unique in that our cattle are born, raised, and butchered in Hughes County. We don’t need to ship our cows across the country to eat grain in a dusty, dirty feedlot. Our cattle are able to mature naturally and roam free in their pastures. The Angus/Simmental genetics attain premium choice grade beef quality consistent for marbling, tenderness, flavor, and overall eating satisfaction. The Ranch’s pledge to our customers is to raise healthy cattle that are free from defects by following BQA guidelines, to ensure our cattle are cared for and worked with as little stress as possible, and to produce wholesome, healthy, and delicious beef.


Walter Cattle & Nursery continues a distinguished family tradition of raising quality cattle in the valleys and hills near the South Canadian River. The foundation of our cattle operation is based on premises established by our great grandfathers, George Walter and Fenner Keesee, and grandfathers, Cleo Walter and “Doc” Paul Keesee.

“Bar C” Cleo Walter established a large Hereford ranch south of Elk City in western Oklahoma. Cleo served on the board of directors for Farmers National Bank. Cleo was an astute business man, who had the foresight to purchase mineral rights to properties that he owned throughout his lifetime.

Doc Keesee graduated from Kansas State University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation from Vet School in 1946, the Keesees moved to Essar Ranch near San Antonio, Texas, where Doc became the ranch veterinarian. Essar Ranch was owned by Tom Slick, Jr. Doc was a pioneer in artificial insemination and sterility work with cattle. The Essar herd of Angus cattle was sold to Senator Robert Kerr and Dean McGee in late 1955. Doc and family moved with the herd of cattle and six ranch families to Poteau, Oklahoma in 1956 to establish Kermac Angus Ranch. They normally ran 2,500 commercial cows and 1,500 registered Angus cows. It was the largest Angus ranch in the world at the time.

Doc entertained two U.S. Presidents, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson and numerous other dignitaries over the years. He was internationally known for his trips to Scotland to purchase Angus cattle and as a judge for international cattle shows including the Chicago International Livestock Show. Nikita Khruschev invited Doc to become the “Minister of Beef” for the U.S.S.R in the early 1960’s.

The Ranch is still family owned and operated by father and son, James Walter and Christopher Walter. Some things have changed since the early days of ranching; but our foundation remains the same-we combine excellent Simmental and Angus genetics with the finest grasses and fresh water to breed and raise healthy cattle that provide quality beef.